Analysis of Camera Shots


Analysis of Students Work

This is a PowerPoint I’ve created analysing Ellie Zambikides music video from her A2 coursework. I’ve analysed it in terms of camera, editing, sound and mise-en-scene so I can see which features were her strongest and which she didn’t put as much time into. I’ve also explained what ideas I can use from her video when making mine.

Analysis of Students Print Work 1

This is the first video of two of my analysis of a students print work. Here, I analyse the advert that the student made by talking about which parts meet the conventions and which don’t. Moreover, I spoke about what parts of Ellie’s advert I’m going to include in mine.

Analysis of a Student’s Blog

This is a slide share presentation of my analysis of a previous student’s blog. I’ve chosen Ellie Zambikidies as she was one of the full marker students so I knew all her work would be outstanding. This has helped me in order to develop my blog work and ensure I include a wide range of media platforms for my different posts.