Contact Sheet



Above are my two contact sheets from my shoots. These are all the images that I’m going to consider using when creating my advert and my digipak. Obviously, I’ll need to edit some in terms of colour and tone to make sure they all suit my genre and look good on my ancillary tasks.


Behind the Scenes- Sunset Shoot

This is a short video I made using my iPhone with behind the scenes footage from when I did an at home shoot. I spent about one hour filming and taking pictures of the sunset to add the the visual aesthetic of my video.

Raw Footage 4

This is my fourth raw footage video of the day I went filming with my two performers in black park. I decided to get a range of shots of both my performers in order to add more content to my video and to strength my narrative.

By filming in another outside location it added an Autumn tone to my video which suits the Indie Pop genre of my chosen song.

Raw Footage 3

This if my 3rd raw footage video that was from my third shoot with my female performer. I chose to shoot when it was late afternoon, becoming evening so that I could have the contrast between day and night shots. I liked the long shots of my female performer on the bridge as it was quite a natural shot and had both scenery and my main artist. I do believe that some of these shots are too shaky and dark therefore I cannot use them for my video otherwise it won’t look professional enough.

If I shoot again when it’s dark, I’m going to take a portable LED light so that it has more of a professional feel to it rather than looking too basic or rushed. Also, I am hoping to colour grade my footage to make it suit the overall aesthetic.

Raw Footage 2

Video number 2 of my raw footage from my second shooting day. This is all the scenic shots that I got to add in on instrumental sections or to fill gaps. Some of the shots are definitely usable like the focus pull on the rose however lots is blurry therefore I need to get more, better footage when it comes to my final video.

I believe that with a mixture of these shots and shots of my performers my video will be more successful.

Raw Footage 1

This is my raw footage from my first shooting day. I went up to London with my two performers and shot all I could. We chose to go to Camden due to the unique colouring of the shops and graffiti walls that can enhance the background of my videos. I will use some of this footage as it’s clear and will fit well with my narrative music video however lots of it is blurry and shaky which won’t be ideal for my final video.

I’m going to shoot quite a few times before I get the perfect footage for my final music video as I want all my footage to be in focus and steady so that I don’t make it go blurry by editing it a lot.