Final Production Log




Production Log 20

Over the last 3 days I have been working on my editing of my chosen photographs for my final ancillary tasks. I’ve put together a total of 5 different PowerPoints of the editing processes and image manipulations that I have done in Photoshop.

I’m glad that I took the time to put together these PowerPoints as it allows me to see how much the editing of these photographs can effect them in a good way. Not only does it enhance the colouring of them but in some cases it ups the quality and makes the overall image much clearer. By editing these images, I can get them all to suit the tone my whole video and digipak is trying to give off without making them look over edited and fake.

My favourite photograph with and without editing was the rose but I’m thrilled with how the Photoshop editing has enhanced the vibrant tones of it and made it suit my theme much more.

I’m now coming up to the end of this course with just the editing and putting together of my 3 final products to do.

Production Log 18

Over the last 2 weeks I’ve been editing more footage towards my music video in lessons but I’ve also been working on other posts for the shooting section.

I’ve completed my 4th raw footage video from the day I went to black park with my two performers just after Christmas along with my contact sheet of all the photographs I have managed to take on my filming days to go on my ancillary tasks.

Another video that I uploaded yesterday was my behind the scenes from my at home shoot of the sunset. During this shoot, I spent around one hour filming a variety of shots of the sunset including pans and focus pulls. In addition to these, I took lots of clear photos as possible digipak photos possibly in the section for my special thanks message or just the little insert cover.

I’m currently in the final editing stages for my video and ancillary tasks including the image manipulation which I’m taking screenshots of in order to document how much I’m editing them.

Production Log 15

This week I’m beginning to work on the logistic category of the planning section to my blog. I’ve completed 3 posts to add to the 2 I’ve previously done on this part.

My location release forms have to be the most significant posts that I’ve done because they give me permission to shoot in my different locations, without these I would be filming illegally in my locations.

Alongside this, I’ve posted my shooting schedule for the 4 days I’m planning on shooting including: times, locations and equipment required. Some of these I have already been on but I’m planning on going again next week to film with both my performers in order to get some finishing shots to build my narrative further.

Production Log 14

I’m currently developing the planning side of my blog along with the production of my music video and ancillary tasks. I’ve been pleased with my progress in this and believe that my planning should be done over the next week or two. My last pre production post was uploaded today.

I believe the most important task that I have completed over this week has been the treatment as it outlines all my intentions for my music video. Moreover, it allows me to be a consistent producer throughout the course and not forget any good ideas that I may have now but not when I’m doing my final editing.

Another vital post is my shot list as this emphasises my reasons for wanting to use specific shot types in my video and where I’m thinking of having them and with what lyrics the visuals will match to.

I’m exciting to begin working on the logistics side of planning now.

Production Log 13

This week I’ve been working on the sub-category of institution within the research section of my blog which I have now completely finished which means all my research posts are now completed too.

Post number 1 of institution was music video platforms in which I explain the 3 most popular music video platforms in the world with information about each one and which ones I think are the most successful.

The next two posts were research into music video directors and music video labels. Both of these posts helped me loads in terms of finding out how to be successful when producing a video and learning of the most successful companies and directors who have worked with some of the biggest stars.

My final post in institution was research into print platforms which I looked into Vevo and iTunes for, both of which I have used.

Overall, I found this section of research very interesting and helpful for the production side of my video. I’m now going to continue working on Planning and Production.

Production Log 11

This week during my lesson on Monday, I sat down with 4 other media students and got audience feedback from my first draft.

Audience feedback is very important when it comes to producing as without it you cannot tell what needs to be improved or changed from another persons perspective. By using 4 other media students, I was able to not only get feedback on visuals but on the technical side of things like different shots I could add or editing techniques that I could play around with.

This feedback has thoroughly helped me and given me a clear vision on everything I need to improve. The main thing I got told was about my narrative as it needs more strength even with the girl being the protagonist, there still needs to be some more shots of my male performer in order to develop their relationship from an audience point of view.

Another thing I definitely need to improve is my editing in terms of: colours, transitions and timings. Some of my shots end in an abrupt way and by using fades or dissolves from one to the other it will not only improve this but also add to the visuals and make the whole video run in a smoother way.

Another post I managed to complete this week was my font choices for my digipak and advert. This includes 3 fonts that I found online that I’m aiming to include in my two ancillary tasks. I think that by testing these and making a few drafts I will be able to see what looks best.