Personnel Details

Personnel Details.png

Above you can see a word document that I have made to outline all of the people taking place in the production of my music video and the different roles they all have. I explain briefly their job in the video and the equipment they will require when it comes to filming.


Call Sheets

Below are screenshots of my call sheets for my four days of filming. Within these I give some detailing of the different shoots including mise-en-scene and shot types alongside any special requirements that I had on these different days.

Eastcote House Gardens.png



Black Park.png


Contact with the Artist

This is the email that I’m going to write to Astrid S and her production/management team in order to gain permission to use her song to create my video to:

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Esme Josling and I am a 17 year old student at Haydon School, Northwest London, England. I am emailing you regarding my A2 media coursework.

I’ve been asked to produce a music video using an existing song. I’m writing to you to ask for permission to use the song ‘Hyde’ by Astrid S for my video because it’s such a wonderful song with a calming tone and lots of dramatic builds within the beat. No credit for the song will go to me, I will be giving all this credit to Astrid, I’m just requesting to use the song as I truly love it. 

It would be with great appreciation if you could respond to this email and allow me to use this song in my video for my coursework. Thank you very much and I await your response.

Kind Regards, 

Esme Josling 

I’m planning on sending this email to the following email addresses:

This is the email that I sent to Interstellr Management who are the management team that Astrid S is signed to. In the email I wrote to ask for their permission to use the song ‘Hyde’ for my music video that I’m going to produce. Within this, I have briefly explained about me, what song I would like permission to use and reasons why I would like to use this song.


Shooting Schedule

In this post I will highlight my schedule for my shooting days for my music video. I’m going to give some detailing of my performers that will be coming, mise-en-scene needed and what locations these will take place in.

Shots of both performers:

  • Location: Camden Lock
  • Date: 14th October
  • Time: 11:30am-8:30pm
  • Performers: Alisha Dobinson and Jack Herbert
  • Mise-en-scene: Camera, Guitar, Backpacks and Coats
  • Equipment: Canon 550D Camera, Shoulder rig and a Tripod


Outside Shots of Female Performer:

  • Location: Eastcote House Gardens and Catlins Lane Field
  • Date: 1st November
  • Time: 1:30pm-6:30pm
  • Performers: Alisha Dobinson
  • Mise-en-scene: Scarf, Coat, Benie Hat and Backpack
  • Equipment: Canon 550D Camera, Shoulder rig and a Tripod

Outside Shots of Both Performer:

  • Location: Black Park
  • Date: 27th December
  • Time: 12:00pm-4:00pm
  • Performers: Alisha Dobinson and Jack Herbert
  • Mise-en-scene: Backpacks and Coats
  • Equipment: Canon 550D Camera, Shoulder rig and a Tripod

Location Release

Location Release 1.png

Location Release 2.png

Above are photos of my 4 location release contracts. These are vital documents in order for me to film as I cannot film at my chosen locations without permission from the locations owners. I’m very pleased that I got permission from all of these people and managed to film in my 4 chosen locations with no issue.


Props List

Here is a list of all the props that feature within my video and my reasons for including them.

Guitar-This will be my main prop for my male protagonist as it builds the narrative of the story and his Guitar- Jack.pngcharacter. It represents his musical background and links the two characters together. Moreover, I think by my main male protagonist having an instrument it gives his character a stronger narrative.


Camera- This is the main prop for camera.pngmy female protagonist that aids to her story and develops her character. The camera is the way I link my two characters together as the narrative is supposed to be how they meet each other through both having a passion for something in the arts. Hers is photography whilst his is music.

Backpacks- In some shots of my performers Backpacks.jpgtogether in London, you can see they both have a backpack which connotes travelling. This also highlights them as being quite equal as they’re both carrying a bag not like a stereotypical image of a man as being strong and carrying all the stuff whilst the female does nothing.

Hat, scarf and phone.jpg

Hat and Scarf- My female performer is wearing a hat and scarf in many of my shots whether they’re close ups or long shots. I believe this gives her character some form of identity possibly how comfortable she is with the boy as she isn’t wearing a hat in quite a lot of the shots with him. Moreover, it links to my theme of Autumn and Winter as she’s dressing in warm clothing.

Actor Release


These are my actor release forms that I had to get both my actors featured in my video to fill out. I had to do this for legal reasons as I needed permission before I could use any clips of them.

Equipment List

Due to the media department at school I’ve got access to a wide range of equipment for filming and editing my video:

Canon SLR 550D Camera- This is the camera I will be using to film my music video with.

50mm Prime Lens- A lens to attach to the camera to get the clearest footage possible.

Shoulder Rig- Equipment that goes on your shoulder to ensure your camera stays stable and you don’t get any shaky footage.

Portable LED Lights- These will allow me to film my performers clearly at night time in any outside shots where there is no good natural lighting.

Red Head Lights- To light up a performer in the black box room.

Tripod- Stabilises the camera when filming pans or tilts.

Jib- A unique piece of equipment that will help me to get high angled shots like a birds eye view style shot.

Dolly Track- In order to get smooth tracking shots.

Zoom Lens- For good quality close-up shots or zooms.

Go Pro- To get footage that I can speed up or slow down easily to get some original footage.

Adobe Premiere Pro- To edit my music video successfully in time with my song.

This is the list of the majority of the equipment that I have access to and will be using throughout my filming and editing process. I believe that by using some of the more original pieces, like the go pro, I will gain more marks as my video will have a variety of speeds or shot heights.