Font Choices


These are 3 font choices for my Advert and Digipak that I found on a website called I chose these 3 fonts as they are all slighting different and suit my genre of music and the style my video has.

Personally, I’m not sure which one I like the most and I’m going to put them all on my advert to see which one looks best depending on my image.


Analysis of Lyrics




Hyde by Astrid S is my chosen song for my music video and this is the analysis of the lyrics. I found that everyone online had interpreted it in a different way some that I hadn’t thought of myself. This is my view of what the lyrics mean and how they link to possible stories that are already out there.



This is my mood board that I’ve created with ideas for my music video. I’ve chosen to include 9 photos that I think highlight the style I am hoping my video has. I’m going to briefly explain the significance of each picture:


I’m hoping to have a timelapse or a short clip as an establishing shot for my music video of a sunset to add to the visual aesthetic of my video. It will also add to the overall tone and style I’m aiming for.

Coloured Lights:

As another establishing shot I would like to do a focus pull of some lights to add another tone to the video.

Female Performer:

This photograph is of my female performer for my video. She will be the protagonist involved and the narrative will be viewed from her perspective. I believe she fits my song well and will be a good performer to use due to her high level of confidence with acting.

Male Performer:

My fourth photo is of my male performer who is acting as the ex-boyfriend for my protagonist. He also plays guitar which is a helpful aspect to add to conventions of indie pop music videos as they more often than not feature someone playing an instrument.

Female Outfit:

This is the kind of outfit I would like my female performer to wear in order to stick to my autumn theme that will run through all my mise-en-scene. Moreover, this will link to indie pop conventions yet again as female indie pop artists tend to dress in this style of clothing.


I’m planning to get a long shot of my protagonist walking across a bridge as I think it’ll develop the house style I want to achieve across my products. Also, I think that scenic locations will suit my chosen song well.


I think London is a perfect location to film shots in due to the high level of attractions. Also, red buses and phone boxes can add to the colour tones I want to have within my music video therefore getting my protagonist to walk near or around these would be a good idea.

Girl in Forest:

This photo is an example of a type of shot I would like to get of not only my protagonist but as a two shot of both my performers. I believe that using the correct focus on the performer and blurring out the background will draw lots of attention to them which is my main aim for the video. Also, I think low budget locations such as fields, park and forests will work well with my chosen song.

Denim Jacket:

Mise-en-scene is crucial to plan before I begin any production for my video therefore I’ve thought in detail on what I want both my performers to wear. I believe that a denim jacket on my male performer will add to the character I want to portray and build the indie aspect of my song further.



Research into Equipment

In this post I’m going to explain some of the equipment I’m going to be using when filming my music video. I’ve shown the majority of things I’m planning on using with pictures and descriptions of each one.
image2 (2).JPG

This is the Canon 550D DSLR with an 18.0 megapixel digital single-lens reflex,weighing approx 0.53 kg with reasonable sizing (128.8 x 97.3 x 62mm) and comes with a battery and a SD card. I will be using this to film my music video as well as taking pictures for my print work e.g. advert and digipak but I will change the lens depending on what feature I’m using it for to ensure I get the most professional finish possible. It can film in full 1080p which is very HD meaning my footage will be clear. The 16GB SD card allows me to hold lots of footage and pictures so I won’t have to bring more than 1.

image4 (1).JPG


A key piece of equipment is the tripod, a three legged stand that I can attach the camera, a light, camera slide of dolly to. It can be made taller or shorter as well as having a handle useful to pan or tilt the camera to get a steady shot. This tripod will allow me to get a variety of shots that will be perfectly still so won’t need editing. With the extendable legs, I will be able to get both low angled and high angled shots so my video won’t be boring with all the shots looking the same.



image3 (1).JPGimage3.JPGimage4






These are the three types of lights I have available to aid the brightness or focus of a shot in my music video. The red head light (left) can be used alone and the barn doors on the sides of it allow the light to be centred if needs be. This light is the brightest and will be most useful when focusing on someones face. The LED panel light (middle) is used as a key light in a dark room to focus on a subject and can be useful to take outside as it’s battery powered. The final light is used as a fill light to even out shadows in a shot of a person.



This is a Go Pro Hero4 Camera allows 4K video to be filmed at 240 frames per second so that slow motion shots can be filmed easily. It’s also waterproof so any shots that involve water can be filmed very easily using this and it doesn’t matter if it gets wet.

I believe this camera will be useful to get some unique shots and contrast the typical codes and conventions of music videos.

image2 (1).JPG


I will attach the camera to this steadicam which benefits me greatly because it doesn’t matter what speed I’m travelling at, it will follow the movements in the shot to a much smoother way than if I used the camera as a handheld. Also, it will help me to add movement to the shots so every shot doesn’t look to stationary. Although this piece of equipment is rather heavy and annoying to hold, the experimentation of shots and sturdiness it gives you certainly makes up for it.

Music Video Inspirations

Today I decided to watch a few music videos that I could take inspiration from when making my video for things such as: shot types, locations and different ways to portray my protagonist.

This video is my favourite one that I found for inspiration however the concept it uses will be difficult to re-create due to the limited locations and props that I will have available to me. But I did gain ideas from the contrasting shots of night time and daytime in both lighting, colours and speed.

When We Were On Fire is another potential song idea for my own music video however I would like to use a female performer so I’m not sure if it would work as Jame Bay songs have so many lyrics that performance videos suit his music more. The raw, one take style of this video gives it a more personal feel allowing the audience to connect with the singer and understand his passion for his music.

The main aspect of this song that I find unique and inspiring is the black and white colour scheme that it follows. I believe that this colouring evokes more emotion from the audience making the lyrics of the song mean a lot more. Moreover, the contrast of wide shots to close ups and the changes in speed put emphasis on the singer which is a feature I want to include within my video.

I’m thinking of using this song for my music video. I was inspired by it due to the strong narrative that it follows about two performers who share a love connection. The variety of locations highlighted in the shot types inspire me to include a range of both within my own video. I think that if I include two performers in my video it will be very important to not only use two shots of them but also focus on them both as individuals to strength the narrative further.