Feedback on Digipak Draft

In order to improve my digipak from the draft to the real thing, I got feedback from two media students. The feedback that they gave me was crucial for improving my work and getting to the full mark level on this product because I didn’t know how my audience members felt about it without hearing from them.



The first person I got feedback from was Emily. She’s an 18 year old girl who studies media at sixth form currently giving me not only a females perspective but a critical one from the industry side of things. She mainly focused on conventions that I’ve used and what I can do to improve my work to the best quality. Click on the image on the right to listen to the feedback from Emily.


My next lot of feedback was from Jack. JackHe’s a 17 year old boy who studies media and film studies. He has an in-depth understanding of media technologies and how you can produce high quality work with the correct equipment. Click on the photo to the right to listen to what Jack gave me as feedback.






Feedback on Advert Drafts

I got feedback for my advert drafts from two of my media classmates: Sarah Page and Aimee Smith. Their feedback was vital for me to make improvements to my work because they understood the course from the industry perspective so they knew what I needed to include to get the most professional product possible.



Click on the image to the right to listen to my Voki feedback from Sarah. I found her feedback very helpful as it was from the critical viewpoint of a media student because she mentioned how I could use media technologies to improve the quality of my product.




Click this image to listen to the Voki feedback I recieved from Aimee. She gave me feedback based around the conventions of real media products and how successful my product was in relation to this. Her feedback will help me to improve before I create my final product meaning that I can make the most successful product possible.


Digipak Draft


Here is my first digipak draft, I think that there are lots of aspects that I must change and I add in order to make it look more professional. Also, I’m going to get more photos that are better quality and link even more to my video. One problem I had to overcome when making this was finding images that were clear enough, some are screenshots from my video, as I don’t have enough to make a successful digipak yet.

Advert Draft 2


This is my second advert draft. I decided to keep the picture the same as I like the way it clearly links to my music video and links my main performers together.

The main audience feedback that I got was that my font was quite difficult to read and I needed to have different fonts for the less important information. I chose to use two fonts that I had downloaded to keep the advert unique in comparison to others.

The one thing I will look at changing for a next draft is the image or the positioning of the main text as I think it needs to be more central.

Advert Draft 1


This is my first draft of my advert for my song. I’ve used a picture of my two performers which I think links this well to my video. I downloaded a font from the internet in order to make my advert more unique and stand out from other peoples work.

Audience Feedback on First Draft

For my audience feedback for my first draft, I got a group of my friends together who are all media students to analysis my video in detail. By using other media students, it allowed me to get accurate feedback based upon camera, editing, sound and mise-en-scene within my video.

I chose to sit behind the camera and ask important questions to get the information I required to improve my first draft to create my final music video. The main thing I need to improve for my first draft was the editing as I didn’t have much variety within this therefore needed to add aspects like reverse or slow motion to make the video more exciting.

First Draft

First Draft from Esme Josling on Vimeo.

This is my first draft music video that I have made using the footage that I’ve currently got. My draft needs lots of improving before it can be my final product as it needs to be more varied in terms of editing, sound, camera and mise-en-scene. My first draft was my first time properly editing in Premiere Pro therefore it’s not the best quality as I’m trying to get used to how the programme works.

I’m not completely happy with my the second half of my first draft as I ran out of decent footage so had to use some of the raw footage I had. Moreover, my male performer struggled to be free around the time I needed to re-film therefore the second section needs work.

I aim to strengthen my narrative by including more sections with my male performer in it. I also want to film in an inside location to get some contrasting shots from all my scenic shots.