Production Summary

Regarding the production section of my blog I had to complete lots of tasks to get the best quality final products I could. This category is split into three sub-categories: Shooting, Editing and Drafting.

My first posts were my Raw Footage Videos which consisted of all my footage from my different shooting days. The first video is from my shoot in Camden with my two performers, the second was from Eastcote House Gardens in the day, the third was from Eastcote House Gardens at night and the fourth was from Black Park. All of these videos let me see every single piece of footage I had filmed over the course of my shoots meaning that I can decide what shots look best from which days. The other tasks I completed were:

The next part was the editing category in which I documented my image manipulation and colour grading processes. I’ve made PowerPoint presentations for all of these with screenshots of before and after pictures in order to highlight how different I made them to suit my house style of all my final products. The first editing process was of a rose and the second was of leaves and how I colour graded them to enhance the vibrancy of the colours to suit my theme more. After this I made three image manipulation PowerPoints that I made when editing photos for my digipak. The first was a rose image, the second was a sunset image and the third was of my two performers.

The final sub-category of my production section was what I believe the most important part, drafting. It’s where I documented all my drafts and my feedback allowing me to improve before creating my final products. The first two posts of this were my First Draft Video and my Audience feedback on my First Draft. These two posts helped me to develop my my first draft into my final music video meaning that it’s the best quality it can be. I also completed drafts for my ancillary tasks (Advert Draft 1, Advert Draft 2 and Digipak Draft) that I’ve improved now due to the feedback on both (feedback on advert draft and feedback on digipak draft.)

Feedback from my audience was crucial for this as it allowed me to not only improve my drafts to my final making them more professional but improve them in a way that will please my target audience. Therefore, I created an Audience Feedback Survey for my target audience to complete based upon my first draft. I received a wide range of comments on my video that helped me to improve the quality and overall look to it meaning that I would produce three top quality final products.

In conclusion, the production category of my blog has been extremely important for the creation of my final products as it’s the stage where I started editing my video together and made improvements based upon my audience feedback.


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