Feedback on Digipak Draft

In order to improve my digipak from the draft to the real thing, I got feedback from two media students. The feedback that they gave me was crucial for improving my work and getting to the full mark level on this product because I didn’t know how my audience members felt about it without hearing from them.



The first person I got feedback from was Emily. She’s an 18 year old girl who studies media at sixth form currently giving me not only a females perspective but a critical one from the industry side of things. She mainly focused on conventions that I’ve used and what I can do to improve my work to the best quality. Click on the image on the right to listen to the feedback from Emily.


My next lot of feedback was from Jack. JackHe’s a 17 year old boy who studies media and film studies. He has an in-depth understanding of media technologies and how you can produce high quality work with the correct equipment. Click on the photo to the right to listen to what Jack gave me as feedback.







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