Production Log 18

Over the last 2 weeks I’ve been editing more footage towards my music video in lessons but I’ve also been working on other posts for the shooting section.

I’ve completed my 4th raw footage video from the day I went to black park with my two performers just after Christmas along with my contact sheet of all the photographs I have managed to take on my filming days to go on my ancillary tasks.

Another video that I uploaded yesterday was my behind the scenes from my at home shoot of the sunset. During this shoot, I spent around one hour filming a variety of shots of the sunset including pans and focus pulls. In addition to these, I took lots of clear photos as possible digipak photos possibly in the section for my special thanks message or just the little insert cover.

I’m currently in the final editing stages for my video and ancillary tasks including the image manipulation which I’m taking screenshots of in order to document how much I’m editing them.


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