Planning Summary

For the planning part of my blog I had numerous crucial tasks that I had to complete. The first one I had to do was my Resource Audit which I found quite helpful because it allowed me to note all of my ideas down whilst giving me an insight to what I wanted my final product to include.  I was able to list information about: my performer, my locations, my mise-en-scene and my outfits that I would like my video to include. Once I had completed this task, I moved onto to looking at some Music Video Inspirations in which I wrote about 4 videos that I have gained some ideas from. By looking into a variety of videos I have developed a deeper insight into how to produce a successful final product by combining aspects from these inspirations.

After I had completed these two tasks, I moved onto looking more in depth at features I wanted to include in my final products.  These tasks were:

These posts all came under the sub-category of Ideas Generation and every single post has allowed me to explore different ideas for my music video. Additionally, writing down all these ideas before production begins helps me to have references back so that I don’t forget any good ideas I have and I can produce the best work possible.

Once I completed this sub-category, I moved onto the Pre Production section which was made up of the important tasks I had to do before I began any production tasks. These were:

I definitely found the Shot List the most useful task from this section due to the fact I was able to fully plan my music video. I listed out shot by shot what I wanted to include in terms of timings and visuals to match. I’ve carefully thought out and planned this in order to ensure I create the most successful music video possible with a variety of shots used to keep the visuals interesting.

The Logistics sub-category was the final part to the planning section of my blog. This section was vital as to create a music video there are lots of things I need permission for so that no copyright issue occur.

All of the tasks within the planning section of my blog were crucial to complete before production in order to aid the creation of a successful final music video and two ancillary tasks.



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