Contact with the Artist

This is the email that I’m going to write to Astrid S and her production/management team in order to gain permission to use her song to create my video to:

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Esme Josling and I am a 17 year old student at Haydon School, Northwest London, England. I am emailing you regarding my A2 media coursework.

I’ve been asked to produce a music video using an existing song. I’m writing to you to ask for permission to use the song ‘Hyde’ by Astrid S for my video because it’s such a wonderful song with a calming tone and lots of dramatic builds within the beat. No credit for the song will go to me, I will be giving all this credit to Astrid, I’m just requesting to use the song as I truly love it. 

It would be with great appreciation if you could respond to this email and allow me to use this song in my video for my coursework. Thank you very much and I await your response.

Kind Regards, 

Esme Josling 

I’m planning on sending this email to the following email addresses:

This is the email that I sent to Interstellr Management who are the management team that Astrid S is signed to. In the email I wrote to ask for their permission to use the song ‘Hyde’ for my music video that I’m going to produce. Within this, I have briefly explained about me, what song I would like permission to use and reasons why I would like to use this song.



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