Props List

Here is a list of all the props that feature within my video and my reasons for including them.

Guitar-This will be my main prop for my male protagonist as it builds the narrative of the story and his Guitar- Jack.pngcharacter. It represents his musical background and links the two characters together. Moreover, I think by my main male protagonist having an instrument it gives his character a stronger narrative.


Camera- This is the main prop for camera.pngmy female protagonist that aids to her story and develops her character. The camera is the way I link my two characters together as the narrative is supposed to be how they meet each other through both having a passion for something in the arts. Hers is photography whilst his is music.

Backpacks- In some shots of my performers Backpacks.jpgtogether in London, you can see they both have a backpack which connotes travelling. This also highlights them as being quite equal as they’re both carrying a bag not like a stereotypical image of a man as being strong and carrying all the stuff whilst the female does nothing.

Hat, scarf and phone.jpg

Hat and Scarf- My female performer is wearing a hat and scarf in many of my shots whether they’re close ups or long shots. I believe this gives her character some form of identity possibly how comfortable she is with the boy as she isn’t wearing a hat in quite a lot of the shots with him. Moreover, it links to my theme of Autumn and Winter as she’s dressing in warm clothing.


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