Chosen Locations

This post will outline my chosen locations including reasons why and the positives and negatives to filming in these specific places. I tried to stick to a theme with the locations using a splash of colour and more Autumnal locations to suit the Indie genre of my song. Also, I want to get some shots of different scenic locations to break up the shots of the performers and make my video more aesthetically pleasing. I’m aiming to have my two performers as the centre of attention therefore I will blur the background in some shots.


I have decided to use London as one of my places to film in, more specifically locations like: Oxford Street, Westminster and Camden Lock. These are just a couple of examples but I will have the ability to explore and find new locations once in London. Also, my performers do know some other locations in London that I’ve never been too that could be possible places to film.

I find it simple to travel around London especially as so many of the main roads connect so all the locations are interesting. In regards to time of day, we would have to go early so that we can have a full day of filming in the sunlight but it would also be possible to get some nighttime shots whilst out there due to the vast amount of street lamps around.

The variety of streets and graffiti art within these locations will allow me to get some unique shots with visually pleasing backgrounds. One negative aspect to this is London is always busy as it’s a main tourist attraction therefore I have to ensure not to get members of the public in my shots without asking permission first.

I’m also hoping to get some shots of both my performers on the train to add a contrasting location to all my outdoor ones. I think extreme close ups whilst on the train travelling to and from my different locations will be good to build up the characters I’m attempting to portray. I’m hoping to get shots of my performers looking at the window whilst on the train as I think this will look effective to contrast some other shots.

Eastcote House Gardens & Black Park


Both of these locations will juxtapose my London shots because they will be very quiet and add scenery to my shots. I think that my song will suit locations with nature to portray my narrative in the style of indie pop.

Eastcote House Gardens is a 10 minute walk from my house therefore it’ll be easy to film at. It has a secret garden area full of beautiful trees and flowers which I can get some original close ups of to use for establishing shots to my video. This location also has a bridge over a river that I can get an extreme long shot of Alisha on. Also, in part of my song there is a small, instrumental section of water which will be perfect to link with visuals of a close up of the river in these gardens.

Black Park is an easy location to get to as well with one of my performers being able to drive. I’m going to try to go here early on in the day to get a full day of filming with both my performers done. I’m hoping to get lots of two shots along with some focus pulls and close ups of them to build up the storyline. I think this location is where I want the main narrative shots to take place in because of the quiet and hidden sections of it that link to the indie pop genre.


Although I’ve already chosen 2 greenery areas, I believe that some shots of my female performer in an open field locally will build up the narrative and her character further. I live near to 2 big fields that I can shoot in with the only issue being lighting but if we shoot during the day lighting won’t be an issue.

I think during Summer and Autumn fields will add to the aesthetic of the video and give an overall calm feel to the video that I am aiming to achieve. I’m think that nice visuals are vital for a music video therefore I’m going to try to get some close ups of flowers or trees to add to the scenic shots and background of my performer. I’m also hoping to get a time lapse of some trees or the sky which will be good to do in a field with an open space possibly even with my two performers in it as the boy walks away from the girl to emphasise my narrative further.



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