Research Summary

Regarding the research category of my blog, the first post I completed was an Analysis of Music Videos which I thought was the most important place to start because it gave me a deeper insight of what I needed to produce for my final product in order for it to look professional and succeed. Whilst analysing these videos in depth, I became more aware of the typical codes and conventions that enable music videos to appeal to their target audiences and succeed within the competitive world of the music industry. Additionally, I looked into 3 completely different videos that allowed me to start thinking of the style of video I wanted to make before I had even thought about a song choice which ensured that I stuck to what I wanted to make right from the start. Shortly after analysing videos, I moved onto the Analysis of Real Adverts and the Analysis of Real Digipaks  which helped me to gain ideas for my two ancillary tasks that I was required to create as two extra products to match my video. The most helpful thing I learnt from this analysis of real products was how to create successful products that will appeal to the correct audience whilst still being original and suiting the house style I’m aiming to create.

Once I had moved on from looking into real products, it was time to research into a previous students work. I thought it was best to look into a full mark students blog, video and ancillary tasks to ensure I knew the best ways to achieve the highest marks possible. My Analysis of a Student’s Blog throughly helped me at the start of this course as I got to see a rough idea of how I should design my blog to enable my audience to easily navigate through it. The main thing I have noticed from her blog is that she has added lots of personal touches to carry on the house style of her video, like screenshots from her video and colour scheme, therefore I would like to do this as well just to ensure my house style is consistent. Looking at her work from a critical perspective let me see all the things she had done successfully that I could gain ideas from in order to succeed also. My research into her Video, Advert and Digipak  will help me to produce professional products without much experience as when looking at real life products it worried me as I didn’t think I would be able to make products of such good quality with the softwares and hardwares accessible to me however Ellie’s work has made me realise this is less difficult.

Some other research posts I have made to develop my knowledge for my music video coursework are:

I found that researching into the Conventions of Music Videos in the genre category of the research section was a crucial task in order for me to create a music video. This has allowed me to fully understand how important sticking to conventions can be for the success level of any product because typically these features help an audience to recognise the genre of a product.

After I had looked into the conventions of music videos, I looked into the institution side of things which gave me more of an understanding of facts and figures to music videos. These posts included:

All of these tasks have developed my knowledge of the music industry and the different things that producers/directors use and do to boost the success of their videos.

I believe that out of all the research tasks, the Music Video Theory was the one I found the most helpful because it has allowed me to develop a deeper understanding of different theorists and the variety of ways that they view a music video. Moreover, it’s allowed me to look even more into the conventions of music videos and how I will be able to use these within my own products to succeed.

To conclude, all of the research tasks that I have completed for my blog have all been a massive help in order for my to produce successful final products.


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