Production Log 13

This week I’ve been working on the sub-category of institution within the research section of my blog which I have now completely finished which means all my research posts are now completed too.

Post number 1 of institution was music video platforms in which I explain the 3 most popular music video platforms in the world with information about each one and which ones I think are the most successful.

The next two posts were research into music video directors and music video labels. Both of these posts helped me loads in terms of finding out how to be successful when producing a video and learning of the most successful companies and directors who have worked with some of the biggest stars.

My final post in institution was research into print platforms which I looked into Vevo and iTunes for, both of which I have used.

Overall, I found this section of research very interesting and helpful for the production side of my video. I’m now going to continue working on Planning and Production.


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