Research into Print Platforms

iTunes: iTunes is a very popular print platform for people nowadays due to the fact it’s easily accessible. Every apple product comes with the iTunes app automatically downloaded which increases the amount of people that use it on their device. It’s an easy app to use with the ability to download: podcasts, television shows, music videos and audiobooks. The audience of iTunes is so wide with iTunes.jpgthe variety of genres and platforms that are available to download and the cost efficiency of it is much better than Facebook and Youtube as it doesn’t require internet and the different downloads vary in price some even being free. Artists, producers and Apple can all gain profit from selling their songs/videos in this way as the money will go straight to them. I listen to my music on iTunes as it’s downloaded on my phone and easy for me to access without internet however, I don’t watch videos on it because it would cost too much money rather than using free wifi to watch videos on Youtube.

Vevo: Founded in December 2009, Vevo is an American multinational video hosting service. It hosts music videos vevofrom Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music Group with a connection to Youtube to widen it’s audience even further. Vevo’s top 5 music videos with the most views are:

  1. Hello by Adele- 27.7 million views
  2. Bad Blood by Taylor Swift- 20.1 million views
  3. Anaconda by Nicki Minaj- 19.6 million views
  4. Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus- 19.3 million views
  5. Best Song Ever by One Direction- 10.9 million views.

Personally, I use Vevo as my preferred platform to view videos because it’s free to use and releases the newest songs by artists frequently. Also, with connections to Youtube viewers can use their accounts to share and rate different videos whilst sharing their opinions with their friends and other fans.




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