Production Log 11

This week during my lesson on Monday, I sat down with 4 other media students and got audience feedback from my first draft.

Audience feedback is very important when it comes to producing as without it you cannot tell what needs to be improved or changed from another persons perspective. By using 4 other media students, I was able to not only get feedback on visuals but on the technical side of things like different shots I could add or editing techniques that I could play around with.

This feedback has thoroughly helped me and given me a clear vision on everything I need to improve. The main thing I got told was about my narrative as it needs more strength even with the girl being the protagonist, there still needs to be some more shots of my male performer in order to develop their relationship from an audience point of view.

Another thing I definitely need to improve is my editing in terms of: colours, transitions and timings. Some of my shots end in an abrupt way and by using fades or dissolves from one to the other it will not only improve this but also add to the visuals and make the whole video run in a smoother way.

Another post I managed to complete this week was my font choices for my digipak and advert. This includes 3 fonts that I found online that I’m aiming to include in my two ancillary tasks. I think that by testing these and making a few drafts I will be able to see what looks best.


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