First Draft

First Draft from Esme Josling on Vimeo.

This is my first draft music video that I have made using the footage that I’ve currently got. My draft needs lots of improving before it can be my final product as it needs to be more varied in terms of editing, sound, camera and mise-en-scene. My first draft was my first time properly editing in Premiere Pro therefore it’s not the best quality as I’m trying to get used to how the programme works.

I’m not completely happy with my the second half of my first draft as I ran out of decent footage so had to use some of the raw footage I had. Moreover, my male performer struggled to be free around the time I needed to re-film therefore the second section needs work.

I aim to strengthen my narrative by including more sections with my male performer in it. I also want to film in an inside location to get some contrasting shots from all my scenic shots.


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