Production Log 7

I had my first day of filming the other week, on the 14th of October, I went up to London with my two performers Jack and Alisha. We went to Camden, mainly Camden Lock, to get some nice shots with colourful backgrounds. This shoot took place all day and evening as we decided to stay out for a while to get contrasting day and night shots.

I did find filming challenging at first because using natural lighting meant that the angles had to be perfect in order to get the shot in focus and the best quality possible. However, I did find this very exciting as I love new experiences and believed that this allowed me to gain more confidence as a media student.

In terms of equipment, I took a Canon 550D DSLR Camera with a prime lens to film  on along with a steadicam and a tripod to ensure by shots were as stable as possible. Mise-en-scene was another important factor as I needed my male performer to bring a guitar and my female to bring a camera to add to their characters and my story line.

Overall, I was pleased with how this day of filming went and cannot wait to film some more in the next few weeks. Also, I cannot wait to start editing my video together to create my first draft.


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