Equipment List

Due to the media department at school I’ve got access to a wide range of equipment for filming and editing my video:

Canon SLR 550D Camera- This is the camera I will be using to film my music video with.

50mm Prime Lens- A lens to attach to the camera to get the clearest footage possible.

Shoulder Rig- Equipment that goes on your shoulder to ensure your camera stays stable and you don’t get any shaky footage.

Portable LED Lights- These will allow me to film my performers clearly at night time in any outside shots where there is no good natural lighting.

Red Head Lights- To light up a performer in the black box room.

Tripod- Stabilises the camera when filming pans or tilts.

Jib- A unique piece of equipment that will help me to get high angled shots like a birds eye view style shot.

Dolly Track- In order to get smooth tracking shots.

Zoom Lens- For good quality close-up shots or zooms.

Go Pro- To get footage that I can speed up or slow down easily to get some original footage.

Adobe Premiere Pro- To edit my music video successfully in time with my song.

This is the list of the majority of the equipment that I have access to and will be using throughout my filming and editing process. I believe that by using some of the more original pieces, like the go pro, I will gain more marks as my video will have a variety of speeds or shot heights.


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