This is my mood board that I’ve created with ideas for my music video. I’ve chosen to include 9 photos that I think highlight the style I am hoping my video has. I’m going to briefly explain the significance of each picture:


I’m hoping to have a timelapse or a short clip as an establishing shot for my music video of a sunset to add to the visual aesthetic of my video. It will also add to the overall tone and style I’m aiming for.

Coloured Lights:

As another establishing shot I would like to do a focus pull of some lights to add another tone to the video.

Female Performer:

This photograph is of my female performer for my video. She will be the protagonist involved and the narrative will be viewed from her perspective. I believe she fits my song well and will be a good performer to use due to her high level of confidence with acting.

Male Performer:

My fourth photo is of my male performer who is acting as the ex-boyfriend for my protagonist. He also plays guitar which is a helpful aspect to add to conventions of indie pop music videos as they more often than not feature someone playing an instrument.

Female Outfit:

This is the kind of outfit I would like my female performer to wear in order to stick to my autumn theme that will run through all my mise-en-scene. Moreover, this will link to indie pop conventions yet again as female indie pop artists tend to dress in this style of clothing.


I’m planning to get a long shot of my protagonist walking across a bridge as I think it’ll develop the house style I want to achieve across my products. Also, I think that scenic locations will suit my chosen song well.


I think London is a perfect location to film shots in due to the high level of attractions. Also, red buses and phone boxes can add to the colour tones I want to have within my music video therefore getting my protagonist to walk near or around these would be a good idea.

Girl in Forest:

This photo is an example of a type of shot I would like to get of not only my protagonist but as a two shot of both my performers. I believe that using the correct focus on the performer and blurring out the background will draw lots of attention to them which is my main aim for the video. Also, I think low budget locations such as fields, park and forests will work well with my chosen song.

Denim Jacket:

Mise-en-scene is crucial to plan before I begin any production for my video therefore I’ve thought in detail on what I want both my performers to wear. I believe that a denim jacket on my male performer will add to the character I want to portray and build the indie aspect of my song further.




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