Music Video Inspirations

Today I decided to watch a few music videos that I could take inspiration from when making my video for things such as: shot types, locations and different ways to portray my protagonist.

This video is my favourite one that I found for inspiration however the concept it uses will be difficult to re-create due to the limited locations and props that I will have available to me. But I did gain ideas from the contrasting shots of night time and daytime in both lighting, colours and speed.

When We Were On Fire is another potential song idea for my own music video however I would like to use a female performer so I’m not sure if it would work as Jame Bay songs have so many lyrics that performance videos suit his music more. The raw, one take style of this video gives it a more personal feel allowing the audience to connect with the singer and understand his passion for his music.

The main aspect of this song that I find unique and inspiring is the black and white colour scheme that it follows. I believe that this colouring evokes more emotion from the audience making the lyrics of the song mean a lot more. Moreover, the contrast of wide shots to close ups and the changes in speed put emphasis on the singer which is a feature I want to include within my video.

I’m thinking of using this song for my music video. I was inspired by it due to the strong narrative that it follows about two performers who share a love connection. The variety of locations highlighted in the shot types inspire me to include a range of both within my own video. I think that if I include two performers in my video it will be very important to not only use two shots of them but also focus on them both as individuals to strength the narrative further.


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